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This is a private property, and therefore ALL of these rules have to be adhered to by ALL visiting anglers. We have great respect for our resident fish and environment and therefore your co-operation is highly recommended and appreciated. We thank you kindly in advance for your support and sincerely hope that you will really enjoy your stay.

Owners and Management reserve the right to, at any time, inspect any/all bait and tackle being used, including lines which are already in the water, as well as vehicles, trailers and equipment.

NB - The use of proper braid for mainlines is strongly advised, as our crabs love to eat mono lines…… Mono is not allowed at all. Barbel MAY NOT be returned to the dam. You have to be out by 11.00am on your last day, not still packing up. Please guys. Mono mainline leaders are allowed, but minimum breaking strain is 55lb. Length of minimum 15 metres. Mainline must be 30lb. No less. All fish below 9kg go into the Jojos at Peg7, 5,4. No lights at night and I mean no lights, only headlamps. ALL RUBBISH MUST BE TAKEN WITH WHEN LEAVING. PLEASE LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND AT ALL.

No unauthorized visitors allowed at all.

  • No fires outside of existing concrete braai facilities.
  • No unattended rods.
  • No rods without proper bank stick or pod mounted fish alarms.
  • No mainline below 30 lb breaking strength.
  • No hooks below size 4. No Keep nets allowed.
  • Only Trout, Betaine, Halibut Pellets allowed.
  • Cooked hemp is allowed all year.
  • No swivels allowed above lead core.
  • No Shouting, Loud Talking, Drunkenness or Misbehavior.
  • No lights at all at night, only headlamps used when landing fish.
  • No conventional tackle is allowed at all.
  • No Gripper Hooks and no T-Bars allowed.
  • Only Bait Runners & Big Pitt Reels allowed.
  • No homemade marker floats allowed.
  • Stay within your allocated swim.
  • No Music whatsoever. No Swimming. No Canoe joyriding.
  • No walking on dam wall. Bring your own braai grid.
  • Only boilies and plastic baits allowed.
  • Take home all rubbish. Including cigarette butts.
  • All fish below 9kg are to be placed inside the JoJo’s.
  • Anglers under 18 yrs. of age have to be supervised at all times by parents

    Your team, family or party must all leave at the same time. All Carp caught must be handled and treated with the utmost care during the capture. A 20-liter bucket filled with dam water must be available at all times and used to keep the Carp wet whilst out of the water. Angler’s hands must also be wet at all times when handling Carp and Carp must be kept over or in the cradle at all times, and must be released soonest after weighing and photographing. Pliers and Medicine MUST be by your cradle at all times. We would like you to start complying with the following : Heli Safe rigs WITHOUT the internal collar, so that the sinker drops off, during the fight. For those who want to, you will still be allowed to use Safety Rigs for now, but NO SWIVEL is allowed to be attached to your sinker. No fish is allowed to be picked up out the water, with the main line still attached to the fish. You either unclip the hooklink from your mainline, or you remove the hook completely while the fish is still in the water, in your net. You have to have a nylon woven polyprop bag with you, in case you catch a barbel. It's a must, not an option. Long nose pliers and meds MUST be by your cradle at all times. Please use meds on every fish caught. PLEASE wet your hands before touching any fish. Guys i am going to be VERY strict about this. The acid on your skin destroys the fishes mucous layer. If you don't care about that fact, then you shouldn't be a Specimen Angler. Its THAT simple.

  • Compulsory soft braid or coated braid hooklinks. No mono.
  • Compulsory Cradle
  • Compulsory separate Weighing Slings with sewn in poles.
  • Compulsory Soft 42 inch Knotless Knot Nylon Landing Nets.
  • Normal barbed hooks are not allowed, only micro barb.
  • Barbless hooks are encouraged to be used by experienced anglers.
  • Snagged lines must be retrieved with the use of a canoe. If you are caught breaking off from the bank, you will be banned. Canoes are therefore compulsory. Please book one for hire before you arrive, if you do not have your own.

    Dam Rates

    Anglers must be out by 11.00am on their last day, unless prior special arrangement has been made with owners..

  • No show – Full pay.
  • Adults, Anglers and Visitors – R270 per day.
  • Kids 0 – 6 = R40 (per day)
  • Kids 7 – 12 = R90 (per day)
  • Kids 13 – 16 = R140 (per day)
  • 17 and Above = R270 (per day)
  • Chalet = R150 (per day)
  • Rooms Peg 5 = R110 (per day)
  • MAXIMUM 2 rods per Angler
  • All Fees must be paid a week before arrival with proof of payment set to 0823553943. Name and Surname as reference.
  • You are encouraged to report any anglers not abiding by the above rules. You will remain anonymous at all times. Contact Shanin (0824052882) or Luzette (0823553943) in this regard. If you are unsure of any of the above regulations, it is your responsibility to contact us for a full explanation and/or advice, BEFORE you arrive at the dam. Please contact Shanin 082 405 2882 in this regard. Tackle inspections for all newcomers, must be booked on Friday evening after 5pm with Shanin, and bring all your tackle on Saturday morning to the pre-arranged appointment.

    About Us

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    Nestled amongst the unspoilt beauty of the Cradle of Human Kind on an internationally famous Rose and Peach farm, lies Laurentia Specimen Angling Lake. Many well-known, experienced Specimen Anglers visit our lake on a regular basis to outwit our hard fighting Common and Mirror Carp which were introduced back in the 1950’s and have since grown to well over 8 16 kg’s in weight. Braai (barbecue) facilities are placed at each of our seven swims, with toilets and showers conveniently situated nearby. The general ambience around the lake is one of total peace and quiet. Natural waterfowl, otter and fish eagle can be seen regularly. At night the howl of jackals can be heard, so too the roar of lions from the nearby Lion Park and the nocturnal sugar cane mammals and rabbits, which pass close to anglers fishing spots. The lake was originally built to irrigate the existing rose and peach orchards. It has a hard gravel bottom in certain areas as well as silt beds in the deeper areas. Carp of between 8 - 16 kg’s are regularly caught as well as Black Bass of between 2 4 kg’s.Rules around the lake are strict, as our fish care and safety standards are very high. These are primarily to protect and ensure the longevity and survival of the resident fish, as well as that of the sport itself.NO conventional angling methods are allowed at all. Bookings are compulsory and essential, as swims are very quickly filled by Specimen Anglers each weekend. Anglers and visitors who want to come and have a look, must phone first to arrange a visit. NO ONE is allowed to enter the lake area without permission or a booking.

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    Laurentia Lake is located less than ten minutes’ drive from Krugersdorp city center.

    GPS Co Ordinates are:

  • Lat – 26 Degrees 2 Minutes 39.0186 Seconds
  • Long – 27 Degrees 47 minutes 3.4152 Seconds
  • Decimal Degrees:

  • South – 26.044172
  • East – 27.784282
  • From Krugersdorp: Follow Paardekraal road from the Krugersdorp city center towards Pretoria. At the traffic light, turn left onto the N14 (Ventersdorp) road and follow for 5,1 kilometers. On your left hand side you will find a farmstall after which you will turn left (at the white wall entrance) onto the property.
  • From Johannesburg: Follow Hendrik Potgieter and continue straight towards Ventersdorp on the N14. After crossing the traffic light at the N14 intersection, follow the road for 5,1 kilometers. On your left-hand side, you will find a farmstall after which you will turn left (at the white wall entrance) onto the property. Follow the directions on the farm.
  • From Pretoria: Follow the N14 towards Krugersdorp. At the traffic light (N14 / Hendrik Potgieter intersection) turn right towards Ventersdorp. Follow the road for 5,1 kilometers. On your left hand side you will find a farmstall after which you will turn left (at the white wall entrance) onto the property.